Restoring Peace Ministries is here to help you lead your organization or church into the envisioned future you intended. 

Conflict is an inevitable reality for all relationships, but it does not mean it must compromise your vision for the organization. We are here to serve as a guide, equipped with training, skill and experience, to facilitate growth opportunities for mutually enhanced relationships between staff members, members and clients. 


Restoring Peace Ministries offers training seminars which help develop the relationship skills of leaders. 

The Restoring Peace Seminar is an interactive workshop which demonstrates the principles of Biblical Peacemaking in a way that is immediately applicable.

The Restoring Peace Lay Counseling Workshop prepares leaders to come alongside others who are experiencing relational difficulties by equipping them with a biblical framework for counseling and helpful tools which can bring hope to people.

The Restoring Peace Mediation Training empowers leaders to mediate conflict in a biblical manner. Participants will come away confident in their ability to serve as mediators within the church or organization.


Our process occurs in phases in order to maximize the impact for all of those involved.

Phase One: Listening and Learning (Assessment)

The goal of this phase is to gain a thorough understanding of the situation in order determine what resources might be helpful in reaching the desired goal.

The outcome of this assessment will be a customized array of services which serve as a plan in reaching the desired goals of restoration and reconciliation of relationship.

Phase Two: Learning and Preparation (Training and Coaching)

Phase Two objectives involve readiness for personal and/or corporate mediation. These goals are met through case-specific training and/or individual coaching. 

The Restoring Peace Seminar reviews the basics of biblical peacemaking. The goal of the seminar is to gain a greater understanding of biblical peacemaking in preparation for mediation. The six session seminar consists of:

  1. The Gospel and Peace
  2. Getting to the Heart of Conflict
  3. Glorifying God in Conflict
  4. Get the Log Out
  5. Gently Restore
  6. Go and Be Reconciled

A personalized, professional development plan will be developed for each staff member.

Careful listening to each person's perspective as to what has led to the conflict helps us to gain insight into the issues, both personal and  material, which need to be discussed during mediation.

The Scope of Services will layout what we believe will serve you best.

The outcome of this stage is complete readiness of all parties involved in the mediation.

Stage Three: Mediation

For more detailed information regarding mediation, please read the Mediation Agreement.

In general, a mediator is present to serve all parties involved, and to ensure their rights to be heard and (voluntarily) make informed decisions.

The agenda for each mediation will following agenda listed below :

  • Greeting and Ground Rules
  • Opening Statements
  • Story Telling
  • Problem Identification
  • Exploring Solutions
  • Leading to Agreement

All parties will come to a place of resolve with regard to the personal and material issues covered during the mediation. These issues will take the form of a Memorandum of Agreement to which all parties agree. This Memorandum will be in outline form, and will include those specific actions expected of each party.

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