Restoring Peace Ministries offers a safe, fair and clear process to serve couples who are struggling, parents who are anxious, and families that are broken, to finding lasting restored relationships.

Marriage Coaching

Coaching with Restoring Peace begins with you. We want to hear the story that brought you to this place in life. We will help you to clearly identify the key areas where you are struggling. You will walk away with a clearer picture of what you desire from your relationships. After a couple of sessions to assess the situation, together we will craft a plan best suited for you and those relationships that matter most to you.

Family Coaching

We all have a vision for the type of parents we intend to be, but often struggle to be that parent. Couples can also differ in how they approach parenting. Restoring Peace can bring clarity to those hurdles, help to gain a shared perspective and language, and helpful strategies as you move forward with your children.


Some situations will demand more significant intervention. Restoring Peace Ministries offers a safe, clear, results-focused takes into account the needs and desires of each person in the relationship. This process serves to create realistic steps toward reconciliation and restoration of peace. Our process includes the following phases:

Phase One: Listening and Planning (Coaching). We will spend time with each person to hear their perspective, identify material (i.e. possessions or finances) and relationship issues, and prepare them for the mediation meeting. In order to best prepare for the mediation, each party will be responsible for personal reflection, written exercises and readings.

Phase Two: Sharing with one another. (Mediation). The mediation will take place at a mutually agreeable location. Each mediation is different depending upon the situation. We can allow as much time as needed along as we are making progress.  The agenda for the mediation will be:

  • Greeting and Ground Rules (We will establish expectations for the meeting together.)
  • Opening Statements (A brief 1 to 2 minute statement expressing our desired outcomes for the mediation.)
  • Story Telling (The opportunity to share the story from each spouse's perspective without being interupted. There will be an opportunity to present both material and relational concerns.)
  • Problem Identification (Together we address a mutually created prioritized list of all material and relational problems.
  • Evaluating Solutions (Based upon the priorited we have created, we will patiently discuss and mutually agree upon solutions to move forward.)
  • Lead to Agreement (We will capture all agreements in a Memorandum of Agreement. This agreement will serve as a plan of restoration.)

Sometimes couples appreciate the presence of counselors, lawyers, or mentors. As long as both spouses agree upon who can be present, and those invited understand their role, they are welcome to attend to facilitate the process.

Phase Three: Planning our future. (Restoration Plan). At the end of the mediation each party will review and consent to a Memorandum of Agreement. This agreement will summarize all that took place during the mediation. It will also include a plan of restoration, actionable resolutions to relational and material issues for each participant to complete in an effort to start a new path towards peace. 

Below are some resources that explain the Restoring Peace mediation process in more detail.

Get Help Now

Take the next step in restoring peace by setting up a conversation with us. No commitment necessary. We simply want to offer a listening ear, some encouraging words, and some ideas as to you we can determine the best path forward.

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